115MM/125mm Multi Tool Diamond Cutting Disc

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Item:Diamond Cutting Disc For Wood ,Plastic,PVC,Rubber,Steel with Angle Grinder

(1)Diameter 4.5"/115mm,steel thickness 1.0mm,bore hole 22.23mm

(2)Diameter 5"/125mm,steel thickness 1.0mm, bore hole 22.23mm


1.Cutting Disc is suitable for wood cutting, Plastic, Steel, Wood with nails,Rubber etc.

2.Cutting Disc is 50%More fast cutting,long life

3.Precise tear-free precision cut

4.Ultra-thin precision cutting blade reduces friction, protecting the machine and battery life.

5.Purpose designed for angle grinders,cordless angle grinder(with battery).Makes your angle grinder into a safe and precision cutting machine


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